A Park With a View: Ocean View Park – Best Park in Santa Cruz

Scenario: K decided that he wanted to have a fun day. I decided I wanted to have a cheap day. So I searched the net for a brand new park to visit. We settled on Ocean View Park in Santa Cruz. I read some good reviews on Yelp, and thought the park seemed unique enough to justify the drive out there. 

best park in santa cruz for kids

Ocean View Park did not disappoint. I wasn’t over the moon excited when I first approached the park. I thought, “This park looks like a regular, old park. There is nothing special here.” But boy was I wrong.

The park is two-levels. Upon entry, you first see the unimpressive baby park. But just venture a little further in, and you’ll spot the lower-level where the real fun awaits.

The lower level is slide heaven. If your child is anything like mine, she will shrill with excitement with over 8 slides to choose from. There not just slides, but really tall slides.

ocean view park review

K didn’t know which direction to run in first. There was a red slide, blue slide, green slide, metal slide, tunnel slides, baby slide, too many slides. Everybody slides.

Beyond the buffet of slides, there was a casserole of play equipment. I couldn’t make heads or tails of exactly how he was to play on these rope things, but they definitely challenged the imagination.

I also loved the spongey-ground that covered the playground area. I’m used to sawdust filled playgrounds, but the spongey-bottom (which I assume is cork) is refreshing and easy on the joints for us older folks.

ocean view park jungle gym

Once he was played out, we walked over to a quieter part of the park where we had a clear view of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the ocean beyond.

Ocean View Park is one of the best parks in Santa Cruz for children of all ages. It is a small neighborhood park, but is big on fun. It is great for a picnic, and remains relatively uncrowded. It is also a 5 minute drive to the beach boardwalk.




The only drawbacks to this park is it backed up to some condos. It’s not really bad for those at the park, but the noise of happy children may disturb the units occupants. Also the park only had two picnic tables. If planning a party, this park may be too small to accommodate your event.


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