Classifieds Worldwide:

Classifieds are my fav, and it is one sure way to discover what’s of value in different places around the world. If you’re traveling around the globe, here are some classified sites you may want to take note of:

Visiting the UK, browse some fantastic classified ads in

Traveling to Italy, Kijiji is the top classified site in the region.

DBA doesn’t stand for ‘Doing Business As’ in Denmark, it is the name of the country’s largest classified site.

Does the term “Marktplaats” sound familiar? It sounds and looks like “Marketplaces” and that’s just what it stands for in the Netherlands. This Dutch “marketplace” is the largest classified site in the country.

And don’t forget South Africa, Gumtree is the #1 site in the country.

Gumtree Classic Badge - Free Classifieds

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