SF Bay Area Birthday Party Locations for a 5-Year-Old

My son’s birthday is due, and being that it will be his fifth, I figure this is the first party that he might actually remember. Five is also an important year for transition. My little boy is transitioning from a toddler to a big boy, a little kid, a school age child. I see this birthday as the day that I will have to stop treating him like a baby. This is an important birthday for us all.

Here are some birthday party ideas for a 5-year-old:

Higher Cost Birthday Party Ideas in the SF Bay Area:

Keep in mind, the cost quoted for each of these locations doesn’t cover food, beverages, cake, etc.

– Chuckie Cheese

Kids love it, adults hate it. I can’t stand Chuckie Cheese because it feels like such a rip. The food is expensive and unappetizing. The games are too expensive. And no matter how many tickets you earn from those simple-minded games, you never have enough to get a decent prize. Since I’m forking over the bread for this party, we will not have it there.

Birthday Party at Rockin’ Jump

Indoor trampoline parks are all the rage, and are fun for both kids and adults. The only drawback is both kids and adults will be tempted to join in the fun, so be prepared to pay additional admission so your adult guests can have a blast too! I’ve seen mountain bikers practice jumps here too, it was inspiring, I even saw the model I own, I used this top model for the summit I did last year!

The price for 10 people is $200 Monday through Thursday, weekends and holidays cost $250. The fee will cover 2 hours of jump time, you will need to pay $25 for the privilege of bringing your own food and drinks, but they will provide the eating utensils. (As you can tell from my tone, this fee makes no sense!)

Birthday Party at the Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo, as does most zoos, offers private party packages. The Oakland Zoo offers three separate packages: Ride Area Birthdays for up to 40 people, Education Birthdays for up to 20 people, and ZooMobile Birthdays for up to 25 people in which the Zoo comes to your home.

Prices for Birthday Party packages with the Oakland Zoo is between $175 to $345.

Birthday Parties at Children’s Fairyland in Oakland

Children’s Fairyland actually offers a fairly economical solution. For just $20 per child (with a 10-child minimum), the park will throw your group a themed party along with cupcakes, ice cream, party hats, and a T-shirt and crown for the birthday girl or boy.

Birthday Party at Trapeze Arts

This is one of the most unique party ideas. Trapeze Arts was established in 1994, and was designed to be a training ground for trapeze artists, many of which perform in Ringling Bros. Circus and Cirque du Soleil. A birthday party at Trapeze Arts is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Trapeze Arts offers 3 party packages based on age. Mighty Mites is for 4-6 year olds. Kids will be able to participate in 2-3 different circus activities which could include mini-trampoline, big trampoline, circus bike, juggling, tightwire, and trapeze. Price ranges from $150-$410 (based on number of participants).

The Circus Combo Package is recommended for kids under 8, and will include time on the flying trapeze, along with a chance to participate in the other activities listed in the Mighty Mites package. Price ranges from $200-$635 (based on number of participants).

The last package is Flying High which is recommended for Adults and those over 8 years old. The entire session will focus on the flying trapeze. Price ranges from $225-$735 (based on number of participants).

In addition to private instruction, you will have access to a private room for cake.

Color Me Mine Birthday Parties

If your child loves arts and crafts, they’ll love a birthday party here. For about $25 per person, you and your guests will be able to paint, glaze and fire one piece. All paint and studio supplies are included in your party package. You will need to put down a non-refundable deposit of $100.

Low Budget/Free Birthday Party Ideas in the SF Bay Area:

– Relative’s House

birthday party for 5 year old

My Aunt’s house has a great pool. K loves to swim and so do all kids, so having the party at her house is a way to save money and still have a great party. I would pay for food and decorations, but the location would be totally free.

– Parks

The Bay Area is blistering with neighborhood parks. Most of them are perfect for a party, and many don’t require table reservations. Just make sure someone is there early enough to grab some tables, and let the kids play till they drop.

– Beach

For Spring, Summer and early Fall birthdays the beach hits the spot. There are dozens of great beaches to choose from. Some, such as Stinson Beach, offers picnic tables (so you can keep sand out of the cake).

– Camping

I did a camping party for my nephew. We could’ve went to a campground for about $20-$30 per night, but we decided to camp backyard-style. He loved it, and it was very budget-friendly.

– House Party

This is an oldie, but goodie. There is nothing wrong with a good ol’ fashion house party. Throw up a pinata, order a bounce house, set out some musical chairs, and just have a good time.

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