Refurbished Hippie Furniture Straight From Santa Cruz

I usually head straight to Berkeley when I’m looking for funky, upcycled furniture pieces to add to my home. Berkeley, and sometimes Frisco, is usually the best place for eccentric, hippie-chic pieces. But I recently came across a designer in Santa Cruz who tickles my design tastes.

Pieces For the Home designer takes old and makes it new and funky. She doesn’t follow the rules, and isn’t afraid to get down-right creative.

Here are some of my favs:

water jug lamp

Water Jug Lamp

Turn a Mexican Water Jug into a fully functional lamp. Love this!

reupholstered upcycle chairs

I love this mismatched approach to re-upholstering upcycled chairs. I never would have thought to not have the seat match the back, but it works and is very funky.

Brandy - The Mother

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