Rockin’ Good Time at Rockin’ Jump

I’ve heard some scary things about indoor trampoline parks, so I was very hesitant to take my son to Rockin’ Jump. But the potential fun outweighed my fears, and we headed down for an hour of fun on Sunday.

For a Sunday, it was actually decently crowded. There were a number of birthday parties going on, which was probably responsible for most of the crowd. But for $12, my son was guaranteed an hour of jump time within Rockin’ Jump’s four arenas or playstations.

The first arena is composed of about 12 rebounder trampolines, connected together. This is definitely the most crowded arena, and it is potentially dangerous because you have some advanced jumpers doing cartwheels and flips around much smaller kids. They do have a section of the arena closed-off for just smaller kids, but unless you’re in there to ensure your little one stays behind the curtain, he probably won’t.

Rockin’ Jump tries to keep kids safe by implementing two main rules: the first, is you can’t sit down on the trampolines. Sitting down could result in someone jumping on you. The kids must keep moving, which is a bit harder for kids under 5 since they will quickly tire of all the bouncing. The second rule is no running, for obvious reasons. But I feel that Rockin’ Jump should also prevent flipping. When your mid-air, turned upside-down, you have little control over where you land, and you don’t have the time to react to a small child that might have jumped in your way. Check out this grown man below doing aerial flips in the image below. I’m sure he was trying to be aware of his surroundings as he flipped, but I was really scared he was going to accidentally land on one of the little kids.

accidents at rockin jump

Besides the trampoline arena, there is also the Rockin’ Dunk arena which is a basketball court with a trampoline floor. Very fun, but when it’s crowded two kids at a time are restricted to only 5 minutes of basketball play. What kind of basketball game can you play in 5 minutes?!

rockin jump review

The next arena is the Rockin’ Splash. Kids jump from trampolines into a pool of soft, foam cubes. Warning: If you are grown do not do this activity! I jumped into this pool of foam and couldn’t crawl out. They also have a dodge ball arena, but my son didn’t play in there.

rockin jump review


Rockin’ Jump can be a safe. But I think parents should be aware of a few things:

  • Children under 5 should always be accompanied by an adult. The child photographed below wouldn’t have been safe without her mom by her side.

is rockin jump safe for toddlers?


  • It is better to visit Rockin’ Jump in the morning rather than the afternoon, especially if you are bringing toddlers. It is less crowded in the mornings, and Rockin’ Jump actually has certain play times set up for little ones.
  • Parents should jump with kids under the age of 6 or 7.

Besides the safety issues, Rockin’ Jump is a load of fun for kids and adults. And it’s a great place to throw a birthday party. The cost for 10 guests is $200 (or $250 on the weekends), and $17 is charged for each additional person up to 25 guests for 2 hours of jump time. No food is provided, but they will provide the plates and utensils.

If you’re going to Rockin’ Jump, make sure everyone is wearing super comfy clothes. Clothes should be flexible; no stiff pants. Also jumping is intense exercise, so you will get hot fast. It’s better for kids to wear shorts, even if it’s cold outside.

Another tip is to bring snacks and drinks, they don’t sell any food or drink since there is no eating outside of the party rooms. But once you finish jumping, your crew will be hungry and thirsty, so make sure you have something waiting in the car.

You can book time at Rockin’ Jump online, or just show up. You will have to sign a waiver before you or your children will be allowed to jump.


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