Roscoe’s House Chicken and Waffles: All Hype?

roscoes chicken and waffles review

Roscoe’s Chicken n’ Waffles is legendary in the Black community, although most of us have never eaten there since they are only located in the Los Angeles area. So of course, during my recent visit to LA, I had to stop in and dine on their famous signature dishes.

roscoes chicken and waffles review

I actually skipped the chicken and waffle combo, and instead opted for the Smothered Chicken over Grits (I can’t remember it’s official menu name). And my son dined on a single waffle, as he didn’t want chicken with a bone in it and Roscoe’s doesn’t offer boneless pieces.

los angeles roscoes chicken and waffles review

My son thoroughly enjoyed the waffle, but he loves all waffles. I didn’t really think it was anything to write home about. It certainly wasn’t a bad waffle, but for a place that uses “waffles” as its namesake, it wasn’t particularly special.

For my meal, I enjoyed a couple pieces of fried chicken thighs smothered in a brown gravy, over grits. The chicken seemed to taste okay, and I say “seemed to taste” because it was covered in a thick gravy, so it could’ve been absolutely plain and I just couldn’t detect that through the sauce. The gravy, on the other hand, was not very good at all. It was too thick and not well-seasoned. In addition, the grits were season-less and a gloppy texture. I was shocked that this Black establishment failed to cook good grits.

Our food came out of the kitchen in less than three minutes; I wait longer than that at McDonald’s. Since all their food is obviously precooked and not made to order, that might explain the weird textures.

The atmosphere was pleasant, very family-oriented. We were immediately greeted by a very, friendly-hostess. And except for the bickering waiters, I thought the service was pleasant.

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