San Francisco Bay Area Food Trucks: Port Lobster Shack

Lobster Mac & Cheese  from Port Lobster Shack

Scenario: Food trucks are all the rage, and offer some of the most tasty dishes around (if you find the right truck). Being a food truck aficionado, I am often disappointed– the truck looks great but the food sucks. I was almost near retirement from food trucks, and then rolls in lobster on wheels.

The Port Lobster Shack is a great addition to the Bay Area food truck scene. Who would imagine such a delectable treat being brought to your door.

The truck obviously specializes in lobster-inspired dishes like lobster rolls, and of course, my favorite — the lobster mac n’ cheese. Yes, I said “Lobster” and “Mac N’ Cheese” rolled up in the same dish.

A little pricey, I spent $9 on the portion shown. You can buy 4x as much for $18, which is a better deal if you love this dish (and are not on a diet).

The lobster meat was not mixed within the macaroni, which suggests that it’s simply added on later. I’d prefer it to be baked within the pasta like a casserole, but even with chunks of lobster being thrown on top it is still tasty.

The cheese is a white cheese of some sort; not a cheese aficionado so I can’t name it. Parsley is also sprinkled throughout the dish which gives it a nice fresh taste.

Staff is great, but will try to sell you the most expensive options. If you’re watching your budget, speak up and ask if they have a cheaper option. 


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