Self-Collapsible Stroller: The Buggy That Went Viral


There are very few words available that can express the frustration I’ve felt from folding down strollers. Getting them out of the trunk and propping them up is no problem, but getting those darn things to collapse so they can be stored is always a hassle. This hassle was never more apparent then when I traded in my son’s four-wheeler for one of those fancy three-wheeler, sport strollers. Those things are a real pain to deconstruct!

My strollers days are behind me (although my son would disagree), so I no longer have to worry about this. For you new moms, there is a better solution. Introducing a stroller (or pram or buggy, depending upon where you’re from) that folds down automatically. You gotta love technology!

The 4Moms Origami stroller not only folds down automatically, but it folds up as well. Check out the video below!

The 4Moms Origami self opening and closing stroller utilizes several technologies available in motor vehicles including:

Daytime Running Lights – Just like on your car, these lights will make sure you and your baby are visible day or night.

origami stroller wheel generators

Self-Charging Generators – These generators are located in the Origami stroller’s rear wheels and re-charge while you walk.

origami stroller with cell phone charger

Cell Phone Charger – The Origami’s generators will also charge your cell phone while you walk. The cell phone charger is an optional accessory.

Pathway Lights – Lights located under the stroller that turn on automatically in low-light conditions.

origami lcd dashboard

LCD Dashboard – Includes thermometer, speedometer, trip and lifetime odometers.

origami buggy review

Loads of Storage – This stroller has cup holders, storage pockets and a big removable storage bag.

origami stroller accessories

Accessories – Not many strollers come with a load of accessories that allow each Mom to customize the stroller for her and her baby’s needs.

Sounds great, right? Well it is certainly an engineering feat And for moms that love to be on the edge of technology, this stroller is certainly an attractive option.

This stroller could be yours for a mere $849.00, not exactly economical for the average mom, but if you have rich in-laws make sure to include this on your shower registry. But for us average income earners, the strollers 3-4 year life span makes this stroller a bad investment.

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