Overhaul the Overalls: The Best Overalls of the Season

The year ended in 90-something the last time I put on a pair of overalls. But the baggy, jean overall was my favorite style at that time. We wore them extra-baggy, and they had plenty of pockets to hold chap-stick, a pager, and candy. But just as quickly as overalls came in, they went out. I thought I would never see them again, but they’re back. And I’m happy as hell.

This was me in 1994. Well it’s not exactly me, but I wore my overalls in a very similar fashion. They were loose and baggy, with one strap undone. I guess one of my shoulders needed more space.

90s Baggy Overalls


Here are my favorite new overall selections. I will be in one of these overalls by the end of the month:

Hollister has these great Jean Overalls – $41.97
Overalls from Hollister

Love denim? Check out my favorite Mom Jeans.

Express yourself in these great, denim short overalls – $79
Express overall jean shorts


Being in Love with these distressed, dark-denim overalls from Love Culture – $46.95
 dark distressed denim overalls from love culture


Acid wash is so late 80’s and 2014. Check out these acid wash overalls. – $54.95
 Acid Wash Overalls

This post is inspired by a dear friend with a passion for overalls. Check out her blog.

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  1. Your list of overalls makes me happy :-D. I am so happy you and I see the light(!) when it comes to overalls. Thanks for showing and sharing where the overalls originated from (so many others can enjoy them, too!) and for checking out my favorite overalls blogs. What’s wonderful right now about this trend, is anything goes – from tailored, dark denim jeans to vintage, light denim destroyed overalls – all looks are included.

  1. April 12, 2014

    […] Love Denim Overalls? Check out my favs of the season. […]

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