Tips For Buying Christmas Toys

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Every Christmas I go overboard! I buy more toys than my son needs or even wants. I shop impulsively for him which results in a huge amount of waste. I waste money and the toys I buy him go to waste. So I decided to be more thoughtful when it came to my selections. Here are some tips to help you select the, not only the right toys, but the correct amount.

Ask Your Child What They Want for Christmas

I’ve always just assumed, but my son is actually very specific about his interest. Kids as young as two know what they like. Go online or break out an advert and ask her to pick out what she wants. You might be surprised.

Batteries Not Included

Some of the coolest looking toys require batteries. The only problem is once the batteries have run out, they are rarely replaced. The toy just begins to collect dust in the toy bin. So search for toys that don’t require batteries like dolls, nerf toys, action figures, micro machine cars and race tracks to name a few.

Shop Around and Early

Christmas can be a real burden on the pocketbook, but if you purchase 1-2 things at a time starting in August or October you can ease the pain. Starting in October, I purchase 1-2 gifts each paycheck.

I also shop around. I compare prices for more expensive items like game consoles or expensive play sets, and visit discount retailers like Ross, Big Lots, or DD Discounts to find my “filler” toys. Discounters offer both name brand and not-so name brand toys. For example, my son is a fan of race tracks. Ross and DD’s Discounts always have race tracks for about $10; bigger retailers offer these same race tracks starting between $20-$30.

Black Friday or Cyber Monday Toy Deals

If you plan on getting out Black Friday, you might as well grab some of those toy deals. Toys R Us usually offers great deals on Black Friday. If you’re not into the crowds, Cyber Monday is just as great.

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Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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