Top 12 Gifts for Mom

gift ideas for mom

Although a fancy, vacuum that picks up pet hair is useful, it’s not the best gift for Mom. When selecting a Christmas or birthday gift for the most special woman in your life, you should aim for a gift that is personal and can’t be used to clean or cook something for others.

Here are some great gift ideas for moms:

Cruiser Bikes

great gifts for mom

A cruiser bike is great for fitness and fun. It’s a great way to encourage Mom to move and get outdoors. And buy one for Dad too while you’re at it. Two of my favorite cruiser bikes are the Huffy Summerland Cruiser Bike at Toys R Us, and the Huffy Olympia Cruiser Bike at Kmart. The Summerland has an awesome color palette with a cute basket up front, but the Olympia is a hybrid bike (mix between a mountain and cruiser) and has six-speeds rather than just one.

gift ideas for moms

Fitness Bracelets

FitBit is one of the most popular fitness bracelets. It will encourage her to move by following, and trying to out-step, family and friends. If she is serious about her fitness, you may want to move her up to a Garmin instead of the basic FitBit bracelet.


In a digital world, we often fail to print our favorite family photos. And as the digital images pile up, so-to-say, it becomes harder to unclutter the cloud and print the best images to paper. Do it for Mom and create photobooks of your favorite family moments such as your last family vacation. Shutterfly is a great place to order such a photobook.

Organic Fruit & Veggies Delivery

If she’s into health, or should be, getting some organic fruits and veggies delivered once a month will cut down on her grocery bill and trips to the market. There are a lot of farms offering this service, some require co-op membership, others require just a subscription.

You could also get grassfeed meats and milk products for her from local farmers.

Designer Sunglasses

Now is actually a great time to find deals on designer sunglasses. offered Prada, Dolce & Gabana, and Tory Burch sunglasses during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales at nearly 50% off. Ebay offered the same great deal on Ray-Bans back in October.

Maid Service

Whether you hire a maid service, or become the maid service yourself, Mom will appreciate not having to lift a finger. Maid services are actually pretty reasonable, and typically run between $30-$100 a month.

Cool Experiences

Give Mom a cool experience like sky-diving, para-sailing, swimming with dolphins, whale-watching, or 5-laps in a Lamborghini. You can grab great deals on these types of activities on Living Social and Groupon. It’s not only thoughtful, but it gives Mom something to talk about for years to come.

Childhood Nostalgia Items

Buy an item from your mom’s childhood. If your mom played the clarinet as a child, buy her a clarinet. If she speaks highly of her long, lost collection of Michael Jackson dolls, grab some off of eBay.

Show Tickets

A musical, a concert, or the Cirque du Soleil– whatever you think she’ll enjoy. Buy a ticket for her and Dad, or one of her friends, to enjoy an upcoming show. You can also purchase a Ticketmaster or StubHub gift card if your unsure of what she would want to see.

Magazine Subscription

Moms love magazines. Give her a subscription to her favorite magazine. It’s a great gift that will come monthly.

Latest in Tech

Moms love tech too! The latest iPhone 6, tablet, etc are all great ideas for moms.

Spa Deals

If your mom hasn’t been pampered in a while, grab a spa deal off Groupon or Living Social.


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