Unsubscribing: Small Steps to a Good Year!

Previously I wrote about cutting out the stress associated with New Year’s resolutions. Instead of setting up huge, finite goals, I would concentrate on doing things that made me happy. Through those “happy actions” I will inadvertently reach my goals, but without the stress of having to fulfill them.

So I’ve started off the new year with small steps toward happiness. I wanted to take steps toward eradicating stressors in my life, one small change I’ve made since the new year is “unsubscribing” from email newsletters from stores like Walmart, Amazon, etc. Everyday I must get 50-100 email newsletters from various companies. I’ve not consciously subscribed to any of them, but I probably purchased something from each or created an account at some point. Not only does it cause clutter in my inbox and mind, it takes time to remove these emails daily, which causes stress as I avoid the temptation of the “electronics sale,” etc.

unsubscribe from emails

So for the past week, I’ve taken just a few minutes a day to “unsubscribe.” I already feel freer, and its helping me resist the temptation of buying online. It’s also saving me time, I no longer have to delete so many emails each day.

My next small step is being healthier. I’m not ready for a drastic change, it would cause me stress. Removing all carbs from my diet would make me miserable. But I try to make small changes that will foster a healthier lifestyle. I’ve been to the gym everyday this week, but I’ve never set up an actual goal for working out.

My last small step is savings. I am not the best saver. It is hard to resist spending $7 for lunch, $10 on a shirt, or $30 on a deal on Amazon. Even though those amounts are small, they add up and I’ve come to realize that I spend hundreds every month unnecessarily. I came across a small savings plan that would help me sock away some funds this year without feeling it (see below). And by “unsubscribing” from those tempting sales emails, it is becoming easier to avoid those deals online. I also am actively avoiding stores.

My Savings Plan: Here is how to easily save $5k in a year. 

Week # Savings Goal
1 20
2 35
3 45
4 125
5 25
6 50
7 75
8 130
9 30
10 55
11 80
12 135
13 35
14 60
15 85
16 140
17 40
18 65
19 90
20 150
21 45
22 70
23 95
24 155
25 50
26 75
27 100
28 165
29 55
30 80
31 105
32 170
33 60
34 85
35 110
36 175
37 65
38 90
39 115
40 180
41 70
42 95
43 120
44 190
45 75
46 100
47 125
48 195
49 80
50 105
51 130
52 200
Total: 5000

I feel confident that these small steps will help me actually reach those larger goals without stress, discomfort, or feelings of failure.

Brandy - The Mother

Hi, I am Brandy and I am "the mother." I enjoy being a mother, friend, and playmate to my son.

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