Upcycle Old Lamp Posts Into Outdoor Fishbowls


Okay … so we came across these cool, dusty, old porch lamps, and the idea hit me like a lightning bolt!  I could practically see these beauties hanging from my porch posts, but not as porch lamps. I had a vision, and that vision was to turn them into outdoor fish bowls. This upcycle project would become the envy of all the neighbors!  This is what we did …


Step 1:  We disassembled the fixture so that we could extract all of the electrical stuff.  No tools required and we did it in about five minutes flat!


Step 2: We washed the remaining fixture in some soapy water to clean the globe and to prepare the remaining brass for some rust inhibiting spray paint.  We chose glossy black because it matched our current color scheme, however you can choose any color you like!  You can see all the materials we used on the photograph.



Step 3:  Using a hand drill, we drilled three holes in the base of the fixture so that when the transformation was complete, we could feed our goldfish through these holes and our friends could get plenty of oxygen!



Step 4:  After drilling, we simply sprayed the old brass finish with the glossy black paint.



Step 5:  After rinsing some coral rock with clean water, finding a couple of small, interesting rocks in the back yard, and sourcing some tiny, plastic aquarium plants, we put them all into the globes.


Step 6:  We then slowly filled our bowls with clean water and added our beautiful goldfish.  Look at those little fellas go!



Step 7:  After mounting our glossy black fixtures to the wall with a lag bolt, (upside down of course), we simply attached our bowls filled with water and fish to it using the three already-existing screws and  ALACAZAM!!!… We were finished … and amazed!  Enjoy.

This post was inspired by Close5.

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    […] Upcycle Old Lamp Posts Into Outdoor Fishbowls […]

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    […] Upcycle Old Lamp Posts Into Outdoor Fishbowls […]

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