Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders

When Hillary Clinton first announced her bid for President, I was elated. In fact, I immediately ordered a Hillary-esque domain name in hopes of building a community of supporters. But something strange happened, I literally got bored with Hillary and turned my attention to another candidate – Bernie Sanders.

I’ve always been a Clinton fan. Both Hillary and Bill are quintessential Democrats. Between Bill’s coolness and Hillary’s femme-fatale, I was always a ride or die Clinton fan. But each time Hillary has attempted to run for President, I find myself more confident in the male front runner. In 2008, that was of course President Obama, and now it’s Congressman Bernie Sanders. So I had to ask myself, do I believe a woman can be President? And the honest answer is an outstanding “Hell Yeah!” I believe the right woman has the ability to lead even better than a man; we are more diplomatic and purposeful (generally speaking). So why then does Hillary never get my full support? It’s quite simply because she sounds like a politician. Hillary sounds like an old Washington-head that truly understands politics and reality. She knows that Wall Street can and will never be held accountable for their destructive greed, and so she therefore refuses to waste her time with verbal punishments. But I want verbal punishments. I want vision. I want pomp and stance. And vision is what Bernie is delivering.

The status quo is horrible. We have an economy that pushes out small business in favor of conglomerates. We have money for jails, but none for education. We still are fighting for equals rights of all people. I don’t want to vote for anyone who accepts this. I want someone to tell me that they understand and give me some clear inclination that they intend to do something about it. I’m fully aware that Presidents are not all-powerful, they are not God. But when a Black boy gets gunned down in the street by an overzealous neighborhood watchman, I need my President to acknowledge just how egregious that is. I’m not convinced that Hillary will offer that sensitivity because I’ve never heard her offer it before.

Hillary is a big supporter of women’s issues, but so is Bernie. She is a big supporter of the middle-class, but so is Bernie. They are both Democrats, that think pretty similarly about most issues. But where I do see an obvious division between Hill and Bern is their relationship to Corporate America. Hillary has a loose-corporate noose around her neck, while Bernie won’t even turn the rope. When Hillary was asked about Wall Street’s role in the last economic crisis, she quickly spread the blame, and paraphrasing said, “it wasn’t just Wall Street that was to blame.” Wasn’t just Wall Street?!? Are you kidding me, it was all Wall Street (backed by Government). Her unwillingness to upset her corporate sponsors became the turning point for me. She’s not going to fight for me– middle, black, female America. I think Bernie will. And not just me, I believe he will fight for us all.

As a Democratic woman, I feel guilty for not supporting Hillary. I feel it’s time for a female President. I feel Hillary is more intelligent, more experienced, and more capable than any of her opponents. Her international diplomacy is what really makes her a strong candidate in my mind. But I think my biggest fears for the future are right here at home. How can we fix this mess in our own backyard? I’m not convinced that Hillary is sitting in our yard. I’m not even sure she’s in the backyard across the street. She seems to be neighborhoods away. Bernie feels as though he is currently heating the grill for a barbecue right outside my patio door. He seems more relatable and genuine than Hillary. And that’s really a shame that I relate more to an older white man, than a progressive woman.

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